About BrandCentury

The Brandcentury NFT marketplace aims to offer Fashion and Art Antiques as NFTs to the global market. The first step is a NFT marketplace on our website Based on an auction system, users can purchase various digital art with a focus on fashion and royal antiques.

Besides digital art there is the possibility to buy exclusive, vintage and limited clothing and fashion of world famous brands. The main goal is to create the best user experience in this segment, this includes the following aspects:

- Professional team with a total of over 35 years of experience
- Extensive product selection
- Gamification
- Excellent customer support
- High data security
- Uniform and exclusive corporate identity

In addition to the website, we are developing an APP that combines all components of the platform in the form of virtual 3D rooms through a modular system, further market segments can be integrated in the future to ensure our adaptability to the market e.g. Fashion virtual Brandcentury store, royal antiques museum in antique style, Events
and shows trade fair/concert hall, more The crucial point is emotion and atmosphere All previous providers of such platforms offer „virtual environments.

Our claim is to create a completely new era in this area, with the help of correspondingly emotionally charged and atmospherically appealing environments It’s actually quite simple, the virtual environments should fit the presented content.